Pop's Old Place

We raise a variety of heritage breed laying hens, they run freely in our pastures during the day and roost in the barn at night.  Our meat birds are Freedom Rangers, after raising many different breeds this is the one that produced the flavor and texture of meat we were hoping for.  We raise the freedom rangers out on pasture, unlike many other farmers our chickens are not confined to a small coop during the day.  Every morning we open the door and they are free to roam in our pastures.      

Randall Cattle are one of America's most endangered Heritage breeds, we have had the pleasure of acquiring ours directly from Cynthia Creech.  She is a fascinating person and her story is one worth reading  www.cynthiasrandallcattle.com .  We are building a small herd with hope of providing their superbly flavored meat locally and also selling some breeding stock.  We maintain our cattle on a grass fed & grass finished diet.  Help us do our part in conservation of the breed by supporting our small farm.  

Mulefoot Pigs are a hardy breed with docile personalities. We chose this breed because of the flavor and texture of the meat they produce, it is distinctly different from commercially raised pork.  Mulefoot pigs are considered a critically rare breed and we are trying to do our part in conservation of the Mulefoot by promoting the breed.  We are actively involved in the new American Mulefoot Breeders Association  check it out at their new

website  www.AmericanMulefoot.com .  We sell pork from the farm store and we offer breeding stock when piglets are born.


All of our livestock is raised with respect.  We want them to live as naturally as possible, without the use of hormones or steroids.  We feed a NON GMO diet to our pigs & chickens.  All of our lambs & cows are grass fed.  Antibiotics are only used when the animals life is in danger.  Our goal is to help preserve these rare breeds by creating a demand.  The heritage breeds produce a much more flavorful meat and are well adapted to a pastured & grass fed lifestyle.   To learn more about heritage breeds please check out the Livestock Conservancy at www.livestockconservancy.com.


A Century Family Farm est. 1909

Katahdin are hardy, low maintenance sheep that produce superior lamb crops and lean, meaty carcasses.  Katahdin ewes have exceptional mothering ability and lamb easily.  The breed is ideal for pasture lambing and grass/forage based management systems.  We process at approximately 10 months of age for a premium petite lamb that is very mild in flavor and extremely tender.  Our lamb is grass fed & grass finished.  

Wholesome Animal husbandry